CNN Commentator: ‘Steve King Is a Bigot’

National News

A conservative commentator ripped into Steve King, R-Iowa, for the “nationalist” comments he made this week.

During a panel appearance on CNN, S.E. Cupp said King is nothing more than a racist.

Nationalist, she said, is “still a bad word. It still doesn’t mean anything good.”

“Steve King is a bigot, he’s a homophobe, he’s an anti-Semite, he’s a racist. He’s a cancer on the country,” Cupp said. “And if you’re the Republican Party, you don’t cure cancer with vitamins, you cure it with radiation. By blasting it into obsoleteness. What I have heard from Republicans has been vitamins.”

Mediaite posted a clip of Cupp’s remarks.

King has made comments that have been perceived as racist in the past. This week, he was quoted in a news story as saying, “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?”

King tried to clarify his remarks on Friday, saying on the House floor he is a nationalist but denounces racism and white supremacy.

Cupp, on the other hand, said King’s words don’t belong on Capitol Hill.

“There’s no place in Congress for it. Let’s start with Congress. We can’t get hm out of society, we’re not gonna kill Steve King. We’re not gonna jail him for free speech or even for being a racist bigot. But we can start with Congress,” she said.

“So if you think that he’s a cancer and a scourge on the country, then you should want him out of elected office. There’s a mechanism for that, and Republicans should take it up immediately.”

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