Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

8 arrested on various charges after fire at Osceola motel; arson investigation underway

Deputies say someone set a Kissimmee extended stay hotel on fire, and that residents clashed with law enforcement officers.More than half a dozen people were arrested by the time they left.It happened Tuesday at the Lake Cecile Inn and Suites on US 192.“Somebody could have died. Somebody could have died today,” Roman Rios said.Eight people were arrested. One person is accused of intentionally setting the place on fire.Deputies said when they went to the scene, they, along with firefighters, tried to keep residents away from the hotel.“The crowd was resistant towards the arrival and their ability to set up to start putting out the fire. We attempted to create a safety zone. The crowd got larger and people kept resisting the entrance of the fire department and deputies on the scene,” said Major Jacob Ruiz, of the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department.Seven of the eight people arrested are facing charges for either battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, or inciting a riot.Residents deny resisting and say one of those arrested was a pregnant woman.“They grab her from the shirt and they push her back on the floor, and she hit her belly,” a witness told WESH 2 News.“I don’t have any information to that. I know that once we learned that she was pregnant that we did take her to the hospital for evaluation,” Ruiz said.WESH 2 News has reported on problems at Lake Cecile over the past several months.Unpaid bills led to the property’s water and power being shut down.A woman identifying herself as the new owner told WESH 2 News she believes the person who set the fire did it in response to some news she received on Monday.Deputies said it seems the flames were just set to one unit, but that several other units were affected. They said five families were relocated to another property.The woman who said she’s the new owner also told WESH 2 News she was working to get things back up and running at the hotel.Check back with WESH 2 News for updates as they become available.


Numerous arrests were made after a fire broke out at the Lake Cecile Inn Tuesday morning, according to Osceola County Fire Rescue and the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.

Three people, including a pregnant woman, were taken to the hospital, officials said.

One person was arrested and charged with arson; seven other people were arrested on charges of battery on a law enforcement officer; resisting arrest, and/or inciting a riot.

The fire was contained to one unit, WESH 2 News has learned.

Both a resident and a woman identifying herself as the new owner told WESH 2 News they believe the fire was set on purpose.

WESH 2 News has previously reported that there were unpaid bills at the Lake Cecile Inn, allegedl

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